Are hoverboards illegal?

Are hoverboards illegal? – A Detailed Explaination

With its invention in 2016 hoverboards have become an interesting way of commuting. It is popular among kids and adults alike. But when it comes to the legality of the product a question comes into mind. Are hoverboards illegal?

One might think that this is indeed the case, hoverboards had a rocky start when it was first launched in the market. Hoverboards faced a massive recall in early as November 2017. All the states in the USA have banned hoverboards to be carried in planes.

The reason being that hoverboards started exploding. It was a massive turning point in the popularity of hoverboards as the industry was shaken up.

You will be forgiven if you have some doubts and questions in mind like what are the laws for hoverboards? How can one own a hoverboard without getting into trouble? These questions can seriously affect your buying decision.

This article with providing you with comprehensive knowledge about the legality of this product. If you want to read a buying guide, you can check best hoverboards in 2021.

The legality of hoverboards in the USA

If we talk about the USA things get a little bit complicated, because some states in the USA ban the use of hoverboard on the streets, roofs, or sidewalks, while other states have no problem with the use of hoverboard. You can always ride a hoverboard on your own personal property.

In New York, if you are caught riding a hoverboard in the streets then you can expect an easy 500 dollars fine but in California, the picture is totally different they introduced a new law ab 604 under this new law hoverboards comes into the electric motorized board category.

According to this law, you must be 16 or older in order to ride a hoverboard and if you are caught riding a hoverboard without a helmet then get ready to pay a hefty 250 dollars in fine.

The legality of hoverboards in the United Kingdom

Just like the people in the USA the people of the UK also like to ride on their hoverboards but they do not know the laws and regulations in this post we will tell the people of the UK about the laws of riding a hoverboard.

Basically, riding on a hoverboard is illegal in the UK but there are some places that allow you to ride your hoverboard, some of the places are mentioned below.

Places that do not allow you to ride your hoverboard: public roads and sidewalks.

Places that do allow the use of hoverboard: gardens, your home, or personal property.

Riding a hoverboard is not only dangerous for you but also for other people around you, so it is advised that you avoid riding your hoverboard in public places. If you do manage to be caught then prepare yourself to pay a fine of 500 Great Britain pounds.

In case of an accident then you have to pay for damages as well.

The legality of hoverboards in Canada

The information that was given to us by the police in Vancouver is that hoverboards are not legal in any situation, you can not ride them on the roads or the sidewalks. The main reason for such a ban is that these self-balancing electric scooters are not registered or insured in any form or way.

That is the way you are not allowed to ride these hoverboards anywhere, on roads or sidewalks you cannot ride your self-balancing electric scooter.

The legality of hoverboards in Australia

We have done our research and found that Australia passed a law in 1989 termed the motor vehicle standards act 1989 which clearly states that hoverboards or any self-balancing scooters are banned to be used on roads. You can not ride your hoverboard on the road or the sidewalk.

The main reason that was given to us by the Australian government was that these hoverboards have no number plates so they are not registered, there is no alternating way to identify the vehicle. But there is a silver lining.

If you live in Australia then you can use your hoverboard in your own house, meaning if you own personal property within the official boundaries of Australia then there is no law that bans the use of hoverboard but still your still needs to be careful and wear safety gears


In this article, we have talked about the laws regarding riding hoverboards. In our research, we found out that hoverboards are usually not allowed on roads and sidewalks. You cannot just take your hoverboard and start riding it anywhere. If you get caught riding these hoverboards then you can expect a hefty fine.

But the majority of countries allow the use of hoverboards in privately own properties. You can ride your hoverboard in your own home but you must use protective gear because safety is very important in riding a hoverboard.

If you live in a country where there is a Segway park near you then you can definitely take advantage of this and ride your hoverboard there.