Advantages of using MVC

Some history

Mike Anders in the ASP Connections summit in May 2000 presented the initial version of ASP+. In the next half of the year following testing, it had been decided to change the name from ASP+ to ASP .NET. This was the first version of the ASP .NET.

At the beginning of the 21st century, many webpages were made statically, meaning all articles had to be manually altered asp net hosting uk.

As bigger, more complex websites started to develop, there was a need to generate content management systems which enabled simple content editing for sites such as online stores.

This brand new technology from Microsoft allows users to create dynamic sites satisfying the needs of consumers. Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology were important contributions to the development of the Internet helping push the success of,, and several other popular websites.

ASP technology proved to be a great improvement at the time, but there were improvements that could be produced. Microsoft introduced built-in ASP tags that were compiled to html code to allow the creation of webpages. It was an advantage as it saved time to produce custom text, but on the other hand, it was a disadvantage, because it was hard to provide customized solutions. This technology had limited capacities. Advanced development mechanisms were not introduced by this technology, and due to these the source code might become unreadable. ASP .NET MVC was created to show that it was actually feasible to make a .NET technologies which is based on pattern Model-View-Controller. The MVC pattern aimed to different data business logic, and the demonstration that’s shown to the consumer. Microsoft allowed the writing of customized source code that reduced problems with debugging, simplicity of editing, testing and extending.

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Complete control over HTML allowed developers to make Ajax applications which led to the easier addition of more responsiveness and interactivity to websites. More easy control over HTML code additionally provided greater availability for executing compliance with altering web standards. MVC offered a cleaner interaction.

Additionally, MVC enabled the possibility to test each of component in isolation, resulting in more testable and cleaner source code. MVC, by character, helps them do it better, although writing clean code must be the goal of developers. Separating the presentation layer of business logic makes webpages faster and more agreeable to the user.


In summary, MVC is yet another step in the direction of Microsoft’s practical strategy to webpage design and the adoption of new functionalities satisfying the requirements of consumers and programmers.

By making a technology that’s much quicker to accommodate new standards while allowing greater use and enhanced performance, big corporations are now spending millions of dollars on changing outdated web portals to fresh standards-based web applications based on the MVC standard. I think that when deciding on a tech for your web application you give a contract and should take into consideration the advantages of the constantly evolving MVC technology.