Best Travel Tripod Runner-Up

MeFOTO Roadtrip

Best Travel Tripod Runner-Up

mefrotto roadtrip first-class journey tripod

My runner up is the MeFOTO Roadtrip


For folks that need a slightly lighter tripod than the Vanguard Alta Pro, the MeFOTO Roadtrip is an incredible opportunity. This light-weight tour tripod may be very adept and might nonetheless manage most photographic conditions. It won’t be as nifty because the Vanguard but the MeFOTO Roadtrip still has the cuts to get the task completed.

Like maximum tripods, the MeFOTO Roadtrip’s legs can be set to three specific positions: wide, wellknown, and loose, the third of that is normally used for folding the legs up for packing.

I discover that the second one choice is usually the most Best Travel Tripod beneficial because it creates a base that maximum photographers will find premiere. The first is frequently used for buying the tripod low – though now not so low because the Vanguard Alta Pro – to the floor. Changing the position of the legs is really a count of pushing and retracting a button.



Quite light and packable.

Can still preserve larger DSLRs

Can be transformed into a monopod


Can nevertheless suffer from wobble at times

Legs aren’t as long lasting as others

Of observe is the MeFOTO’s capability to be converted right into a monopod, that is an increasingly famous function in present day tripods.

By casting off one of the legs, detaching the critical column, after which connecting the 2 together (BOOM!) you have a monopod. This arrangement is remarkable whilst you need to run and gun and don’t need to fear approximately sporting round a cumbersome three legged monster.

At 3.6 lbs, the MeFOTO is quite mild. It’s rated to hold over 17 lbs of gadget even though many photographers do complain that the MeFOTO nevertheless suffers from wobble specially while fully prolonged.

This is most possibly a effect of the tripod’s light weight in addition to the truth that the legs are damaged into five sections, which is not best.




MeFOTO Roadtrip Specs

Load Capacity: 17.6 lbs

Maximum Height: 61.6”

Minimum Height: 15.4”

Folded Length: 15.4”

Weight: 3.6 lbs

Leg Sections: 5 – Screw Lock

 Is the MeFOTO Roadtrip For You?

Do you want a lightweight tripod that can deal with a heavier DSLR a chunk better? Do you like the concept of the use of a monopod? Then the MeFOTO Roadtrip can be the tour tripod for you! This sturdy tripod will come up with that extra rigidity on your digital camera that, although it’s no longer quite professional yet, need to manage most conditions.