Top cheap email hosting in UK

Many of the email hosting providers offers many different type of hosting, from shared hosting with reseller to dedicated email . Here we just concentrate on the shared email plans, which start from $2/month using 10GB email quota around $20/month using 100GB email quota. All plans support unlimited domain, unlimited customers.

cheap email hosting


MailCheap is another cheap email hosting provider within this listing that offer unlimited mailboxes & domain names per account at reasonable pricing.

They also supply dedicated cheap email hosting servers or even custom plan around 320TB storage, if you will need a plan larger than 100GB mail storage.

Anti-virus and anti-spam protections too. It gives mail migration tool to export your current email accounts to MailCheap.

Please note that MailCheap shared email plan doesn’t encourage custom branding (100% white-label). You can’t use your hostname (illustration: without a personalized branding for admin panel.

MailCheap cost: Start from $2/month with 10GB storage for $20/month with 100GB storage for unlimited domains unlimited users; Dedicated email servers are all accessible too.


FastMail might not be as simple as the other big players in the business but it has been for over 15 years in hosting business. It guarantees a personal (no tracking), protected, ad-free email hosting.

FastMail supports protocols — including SMTP IMAP, CardDAV and CalDAV. Its online email interface is flexible and fast. Additionally, it has calendar and contacts which auto sync in PC, tablet computers or your phone.

FastMail offers email import instrument to import any or all your email from any email provider that support IMAP protocol

You are able to setup FastMail to send & receive messages that you have to handle all your emails.

In case that you wish to migrate away from FastMail or create backup of your information, then you also can download all your info on FastMail.

FastMail provides 24/7 support via email. It doesn’t have a customer support phone number.

FastMail cost: $5/user/month ($50/year) with 25GB storage; $9/user/month ($90/year) using 100GB storage and unlimited archiving distance. Storage update can be obtained.


ProtonMail is a email service which sends and receives email messages.

It’s founded in 2013 by a group of scientists who met at CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research and discuss a vision of a more secure and private net.

All the server infrastructure is founded and runs by protonMail in Switzerland. Therefore, the service and your confidential data are protected from Swiss privacy laws, that are among the strongest on the planet.

With all the ProtonMail communication, it is possible to send out a email message. Receiver cannot read your message after it’s died. This is convenient to ship one time message

But due to the service’s privacy and safety, you cannot access your own messages.

ProtonMail is the world’s largest email support. It’s an open source program. It doesn’t show your data to monitoring or advertisements. Revenue from accounts that were paid can be used to create ProtonMail and support free users, such as democracy activists and dissidents.

The ProtonMail support is 24 hours per day, 6 days per week via forum and email.

ProtonMail cost: $5/user/month ($48/year) using 5GB storage, 1 custom domainname; $8/user/month ($75/year) with 5GB storage, 2 custom domain names; $30/user/month ($288/year) with 20GB storage, 10 custom domain names, ProtonVPN


 Namecheap Private Email

Namecheap is a domain registrar. They also offer you other services that are online, such as internet hosting, SSL, VPN, etc.. Namecheap Private Email Marketing is your company service for custom domain .

Although Namecheap is a domain name , however you do not need to migrate your domain to Namecheap so as to use its email hosting agency. The email support is powered by Open-Exchange (OX). It’s an affordable customized domain hosting for less than $10 annually.