Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services In Fairfield

If you are running a hotel, safety should be your top priority. It is not possible to maintain the place on your own. You need professionals to overlook and remove the threat from your kitchen. A1 Hood Cleaners offer the best commercial kitchen cleaning services in Fairfield, CT.

Top-rated commercial kitchen cleaning services

Hotel kitchens run most of the day and for the smooth functioning of all the important kitchen accessories, cleaning is important.

To meet the quality standards, hiring a professional cleaning company is mandatory and we assure that we will deliver the best services at any cost.

Running a hotel is not an easy task; you have to handle many things at a time. Leave the kitchen cleaning at our hands. Our trained crew will do the best and deep cleaning of the entire kitchen cooking range.

Here we are going to tell you some of the services that we offer at an affordable price and contact us today to avail of professional services.

commercial kitchen cleaning services

Kitchen hood cleaning and filter replacement services

The kitchen hood is an important part to remove the warm air from space and claim the fresh environment for the working people. We offer hood-cleaning services. Hood cleaning is not an easy task. Unlike other cleaning service providers, our team does the deep cleaning to ensure that the hood will work at an optimal value.

Grease in the hood can decrease the efficiency of the fan and in addition, this act can cause additional money if not solved at a particular time.

A1 Hood Cleaners offer the hood filter cleaning services. The filter acts as a barrier against smoke, debris, and grease. If the service of the filter is not done on time, the working efficiency of the hood will decrease and a time will come when you will think about replacing the entire hood. To overcome this factor, we offer filter replacement services. Filter replacement also involves the deep cleaning of the inside hood to ensure that there are not any more barriers in the way of gas moving out.

Fire extinguisher services

To overcome any kind of fire-related problems, fire extinguisher acts as the first aid. A1 Hood Cleaners also offer extinguisher services to ensure that if there would be any the fire-related problem, it would be controlled with fire extinguishers at the initial stage.

Moving in, moving out services

If you buy a restaurant, you need to install kitchen accessories. Before installation, we can deep clean your kitchen so that if there are any greasy corners or oil corrosion, the matter is handled at the starting stage.

Strain and corrosion removal services

Grease and oil are organic compounds, and they are favorable for a fire. We will remove any kind of oil corrosion and greasy corners. By doing so, we assure that chances of fire spreading will reduce to the minimal stage.

Our Pride

We work according to NFPA Standard-96 and fire codes. Our cleaning crew is trained and can handle commercial cleaning problems.