Financial Expert John Mcqeen’s 5 Easy ways to get rid of Credit Card Debt

My name is John Mcqeen and I am a financial expert in the United States. According to a survey, almost 50% of the American is not able to fill their debt on time each month.

Getting debt from the credit card is as easy as cake, but returning the debt is, don’t even ask about it.

So I can relate to your problem truly, and there is no need to fear but try to get rid of this burden.

So in this article, I am going to show you how you can get rid of credit card debt in just five simple steps. So follow my expert opinions and advice so you can get peace of mind.

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1- Make a strategy first

So are you willing to pay off your debt? If you are then you need to do something necessary to achieve your goals. One thing that keeps in mind is you need to implement it. That is you need to stay persistent on your goal. So we need to make a strategy so we can get rid of this problem. Although you have to face some issues at the end of the day you will tackle your credit card debt for sure.

So cut down your extra spends a try to be ready for it.

2- Cut Down your Spending

I know it sounds weird but that’s what you need to do. If you won’t keep an eye on your spending then you might not able to get out from debt at all until you won a jackpot.

I would suggest you cut your all spending to at least 40%. And now keep persistent on your plan so you can save something to get rid of credit card debt.

3- Try American Express Credit Card

Another way to avoid buried in debt, you can try the American Express credit cards. They are offering very low APR and interest rates.

You will have two benefits go hand in hand, one is that you can save some money and the second is that you will get bonus points on your every spending.

You will get:

  • 35000 Reward Points when you spend $4000 in the initial 3 months
  • Free airline credit which is $100
  • Up to 3x Membership Rewards Points if you book a trip from your card
  • Only $250 Annual Fee
  • 4x Reward points for dining in restaurants
  • 1x Reward Point on every dollar you spend anywhere

4- Re-Create your Budget

Now the hardest but worthy thing is to recreate your monthly budget. It is necessary because you cannot spend without knowing how much you are wasting on redundant kinds of stuff.

Make a list of things that are not even needed but you are spending a bunch of money on those things. For example, if you are using electricity too much because you left the lights on all day, or you even don’t care about heavy electricity consumption appliances like air conditioners, refrigerates and electric heaters or ovens as well.

Try to cut out or at least shorten the use of this equipment as much as you can, so it will give you relief in paying electricity bills and save some to return the debt.

5- Management is all you need

Last but not least, the number five-step is “management”. Yes, you read it so right, your 80% problems will vanish once you start to do things with supreme management.

So how it would help? Okay, you want to know how effective it is. Then I must say one thing here that is, have you ever wondered why the salaries of managers are a bit high as compared to other staff? Why companies put an extra effort to select a managing team rather than any other thing?

And the answer is, the managers are the pillars of any successful building. They have to manage things so the whole system can work smoothly. They have to keep everything in a manner.

So that’s why they got a big bunch of salaries. And now you would be aware of the importance of the management.

I am not asking you to hire a manager or a team of managers to form your budget and run it slickly. But I am suggesting you track all of your stuff which is consuming a big part of your salary and then try to concise it as much as it could be.

Try to save each penny from wherever it is possible, I know it sounds might odd but believes me it will help a lot.

Final Verdict

So you have learned today that how you can save a bunch of money from your regular budget and then you can pay back your debt more sufficiently.

Try to keep consistent on your plans and keep saving until you came out from the debt. I hope my suggestions will help you and I also want to read your compliments on these 5 easy ways to get rid of credit card debt.