How to be a real estate agent without suffocating

Here are some ideas for you to take care of yourself

We are already approaching the last third of the year. Look back to the last eight months and ask yourself, what are your most important memories of 2019 so far? Most likely, the most special memories of the year have nothing to do with work.

In general, the richness of our life is usually not so much thanks to how we are doing at work, if not the quality and amount of time we spend with the people we love

If you are spending too much time at work, and you are not giving yourself enough time to create such special memories with your family, friends and loved ones, then maybe you should learn how to be a real estate agent without drowning at work. No matter which of these tips you implement first, the point is to start a process.

Schedule your days off

From the outset, something that a real estate agent should know to have free time, is to schedule their free days first and then their work activities. It is too easy to get carried away by your occupations and allow them to begin to take root in your free time. Treat your days off and time with your family, just as you would make an appointment with a client or doctor – don’t miss unless there is no other option.

If you really have to miss, reschedule your day off or meet up with your family, or friends. If you have problems doing this, start by planning a day of your weekend, at least twice a month. Use this day to enjoy on your own, or with your loved ones.

Turn everything off at night

End your day at 7:00 PM, at least two days of the week. This means no emails, no calls, no work of any kind. It’s your time to recharge, eat a relaxing meal, and do things that make you feel good

Eliminate what is not essential

Another habit that a real estate agent should know to create more free time every day is to put aside activities that are not essential. Be it office gossip, a friend or friend who laments all day of his life’s problems in Capital smart city, or anything else that could drain your energy. A simple “no” or “now I don’t have time” can be a good strategy to start generating more time for you.

Relaxation time agenda

Every day schedule at least two activities that you find relaxing or enjoyable. Whether meditating, reading, exercising, taking a long bath or having lunch with a friend, these times are crucial to create a better quality of personal life. And in the same way, when your creativity and ability to solve problems at work are at their maximum, make sure you know how to take advantage of it.

Connect with friends

When was the last time you contacted your three closest friends? When you spend time and laugh along with the people you care about most, you reduce your stress. Make it a habit to see them in person, call them or skype at least once a week just for the joy of keeping company.

Reduce your risk of cancer or cardiovascular problems

Dinner with your family or someone important to you five times a week. According to studies, people with the habit of dining and sharing time with loved ones during the week, are at 50% less risk of heart attacks, than those who eat alone.

Avoid ‘multitasking’

When you’re at work, focus on the job. When you leave the office, “close the door well”, something that is needed to be a real estate agent is not allowing your earrings to follow you home. Letting your work extend to your personal life will eat you alive.

Also, deconcentrating yourself at work will make you less productive. Not being able to enjoy your valuable free time means that you are going to get more stressed. This will increase your adrenaline and specifically cortisol, all this will only make you more distracted and will contribute to deconcentrate you more.

You have a problem? Solve it now

No matter how uncomfortable or out of time it seems, another thing that is needed to be a real estate agent is to deal with the problems immediately. If there is a small problem that you are having trouble solving, give yourself time to write down all possible solutions, select the best approach, and let it go. Reviewing and mentally reviewing problems in dha peshawar only takes away joy from other areas of your life.

Discover something new

At least once a month, try something new that you have never tried. It can be as exotic as traveling to another country, or as simple as trying a new recipe in the kitchen. The more creative the better, and if it goes wrong, imagine how well you are going to spend telling the story.

Write the good things that happen to you

Every day, no matter how you did, write at least three things you noticed were perfect in their own way. Whether it’s a real success at work, or something simpler, like having heard some birds sing, notice the little things in life and pleasure in them. This will help you have a better life outside of work.