Need of the time

Lifetime radon mitigators is providing its services in Wisconsin for more than two decades. We are providing the best solution to your mitigation problems. We are working according to Environmental Protection Agency’s rule and regulation and that’s why we are one of the best radon mitigation service providers in the area.

We offer you the best lifetime radon solutions under the supervision of our experts. We are registered with environment agencies and ensuring you the best work.

Our mitigation process involves sub slab depressurization, drain tile depressurization, block wall depressurization and crawl space depressurization. Any of the above treatment is used in the mitigator and is chosen based on the analysis of your place. After visual inspection of your place we suggest you the best system for you place and once the deal is done, the whole process is done within a week.

We are providing our facilities in local communities, hospitals and quaint homes etc. Radon mitigation system is installed considering the conditions of the place and location of your house and any of the above system is installed.

The radon mitigation system basically consists of three processes; drilling, fan installment and piping assembly


This is the core process involved in mitigation process. This process involves the drilling to basement to access the ground. Drilling is done with mechanical drill bits and it is the time taking process. Once the drilling is done the soil quality is tested and further installation is done.

Piping Assembly

After drilling the indoor piping assembly is installed. This assembly involves the pipes and elbows to avoid any king of the additional damage to your house. The assembly is installed at your desire point in the house and once the indoor assembly is installed, next step is the installation of the fan is the outdoor assembly. In piping assembly, the pipes of different diameters are used. But the whole assembly is completed with the same diameter of the pipe.

Fan installation

The fan is installed just after the piping moved outside. Purpose of fan is to force the induced gas inside ground to move upward. Once the fan is installed the outer assembly (piping) is inserted after fan straight upward.

The whole process takes maximum a week to complete. Radon mitigation system is the one-time investment to ensure the long-term life span of the building. If the mitigator system is not installed it can be eventually dangerous to human and to building itself.

After complete installation of the radon mitigation system the system testing is done timely to ensure the proper working of mitigator. We offer three types of the testing systems depending on your will and we surely protect your one-time investment.

During installation of radon mitigation system, we do not disregard any detail to avoid any long-term problem of our customers. This is the one-time investment and the radon mitigation system testing can be done after suitable time interval to overcome any kind of induced problem.