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Grand Junction is providing the best auto glass repairing and replacement service. We have trained crew members and we only use high-quality materials. Mobile auto glass Grand Junction co is the best available service station in the town. First, let me tell you how we work. We work with ease and we prefer to win the client’s trust. We are coming up with auto glass repairing and replacement opportunities. We work according to the rules and regulations of the National Windscreen Repair Association. To gain customers’ trust, we give quality services. We not only charge you for work but with our services, we offer you the lifetime solutions to your problems.



When windscreen, rare screen or window glass is broken, there are many possible reasons for this happening. This may be due to accidental collision, theft attempts, extreme weather conditions, roadside debris and many more.

Broken car screen is a great danger towards safe driving. If automobile glass is broken or cracked and there are no important steps towards the rehabilitation of the glass in time, it can be a cause of the massive accident in the future. Therefore, the broken glass should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.


Cracks and chips

When automobile glass is broke down, there may be cracks or chips. For cracks, the maximum possible reason is a shock. These shocks may be due to collisions, weather conditions and by hitting of heavy materials. Mostly the crack formation is along the length of the vehicle screen. The cracks’ length may vary from quarter-inch to the whole length of the screen.

The chips formation is due to the direct hit of the heavy objects. These heavy objects include debris, collisions, roadside stones, etc. As some object hit the screen, there is a direct and focused impact on the screen and due to which the hole like shape appears. There are small outing going cracks around the chip. The overall chip structure is like the shining star.


Automobile glass is generally a tempered glass. It consists of three layers outer glass layer, central plastic material layer, and the inner glass layer. These layers combine a highly stable and durable car screen.


The severity of impacts is judged by the auto glass condition. As you reach Grand Junction, our team firstly visualizes the problem. If only the outer glass screen is damaged, it is repairable but if the impact is up to the inner glass layer then it is an alarming situation and it requires immediate action. During the visual inspection, the cracks and chips are briefly observed. For repairing, the upper limit of the crack length is fourteen inches and for chips, the limit is three inches. If the cracks and chips are in these limits, repairing is possible but if the size exceeds the limit, we move towards replacement. Another factor we consider is the depth of the hole. Repairing is only acceptable if impact is up to outer glass; beyond this replacement is the only option. These limits are according to National Windscreen Repair Association rules.