Top reasons to buy the X8 ultra smart watch

Utmost love is received by the X8 ultra smart watch. If you have not tried out
this gadget, right is the time to do so. On this platform, we have mentioned the
top reasons that tell why buy the X8 smart watch.

Giving you a general idea! This respective gadget has an alarm clock,
Bluetooth calling mechanism and it does health monitoring in the best
manner. Furthermore, you can shake and take photos with this amazing smart
watch. It lets you switch watch faces without any trouble. The remaining
details are written below:

HD full large screen

The X8 ultra smart watch has an HD full large screen. It is claimed that the
screen size is larger as compared to X6 and X7 smart watch versions. The
touch screen measures 1.69 inch 240*280.

Built-in waterproof headset

This reviewed smartwatch has a built-in waterproof headset. It lets you make
and answer calls in the utmost smooth manner. Furthermore, you can hang up the
call by simply double clicking the key. It is in 1.5 seconds that you can reject
the call and 3 seconds are taken to turn off the smart watch. And those who
are eagerly looking for the apple airpods pro master copy, can get the
best-quality from Mobile Geeks.

Simple and user-friendly operations

The X8 ultra smartwatch is known for offering simple and user-friendly
operations. Even the first-time user can operate it with ease. No hassle is there
while operating it and that is its catchy trait of it.

Listen to music for 3.5 hours

You can listen to music for 3.5 hours. How amazing it is! The traditional smart
watch models have failed to offer such an extensive music listening time. But with the arrival of X8 ultra smart watch, we can now listen to crazy music
songs non-stop for 3.5 hours.

Smart processor

This respective watch is installed with a smart processor. We like to tell you
that it has a main chip of SYD8811, TWS Chip of 8926B2 and Heart rate chip:
of 3300.
Portable charging compartment

Another interesting feature of this smart watch is that it has a portable
charging compartment. It means that you can conveniently charge it
regardless where you are!

250 mAh Battery
With this battery, the user is offered a standby time of 8 to 12 days. In
addition, the music listening time reaches to 3.5 hours and the talking time
ranges from 2 to 4 hours.
Multiple Health Monitoring System
The multiple health monitoring system infused in the X8 ultra smart watch, it
is amazing and simply wow to look at! With this smart watch, you can check
your heart rate, blood pressure and also blood oxygen.
Sleep monitoring system

The other catchy feature of this smart watch is that it allows you monitor your
sleep patterns. You can monitor and keep the track of your sleep literally at
any time. Rest, you can scientifically analyze the sleep structure and improve
sleep quality as well.

Multiple Sports Modes

Multiple sport modes have been installed. It has built-in 9 exercise modes and
they let you record calorie and mileage count of yours. If you are a fitness
freak and enthusiast sports person, investing in such a smart watch is a must
for you.

So, when you will order the X8 ultra smart watch? We hope that you will
experience the best use out from it. If more of such kind of ultra smart watches will be launched, we will let you know about them. Take some money
out and get hands on the X8 ultra smart watch.






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