University town Islamabad farmhouses


Launch of this UNIVERSITY Is a housing scheme for everybody wishes to have a lifetime in contemporary society. Society is filled with features and amenities of their global degree and innovative technology. It’s a trusted project to spend due to the proprietor MR. SAAD NAZIR is likewise an honest individual in private life also. UNIVERSITY TOWN ISLAMABAD is a type of boon for us since it’s brought a reasonable pricing strategy using royal lifestyle centers. This society allow everybody avail a golden opportunity to reserve their plots at a really nice and peaceful site. Spending holidays in a spot that provides comfort will be helpful for health also.



The Blue world city has proposed its own farmhouses plots to have a calm while holidays following a stuck occupation. The relaxing issue is the farmhouses from the blue world city possess a crazy motif in addition to technology to simplify life also. The area of those farmhouses is exceptional and appealing. We may have a serene and serene time . Surroundings are fantastic to get together. It’s fast access to the principal town of Islamabad. It gives comfort and maintains the brain relaxes. Booking a farmhouse here means a great deal for a nice break from study or work or in any event of celebration it will permit you to enjoy your each function or holidays. During vacations everybody ought to have a location where he’s quiet and amazing views in each season winter or summer.


On 1st December a significant occasion was done together with all the best satisfaction of either side. The grim group of firms welcomed delegates warmly at a cultural manner. The guests were happy to satisfy with the civilization similar to this in actual. Subsequently the group introduced a demonstration to convince the profitable project of blue world city into the assign of China. The reply from them was very happy and happy. They stated to the media concerning the grim world society to spend here due to CPEC participation and the trustworthiness of this group.


Saad Nazir and Mr. Chen jingmin concerning the future evolution of friendly town of Chakri along with Mr. Saad Nazir had a meeting with an professional multistory apartment building programmer Mr. Chang in regards to the progression of flats in bule planet city. He also conviced the proprietor of gloomy circles concerning the reliability and progress systems of their flats in the society. The bricklaying service of the mosque as well as the corporate office in blue world city and the property braking of the corporate division of UNIVERSITY TOWN was jointly performed by most of the members as well as the chairman out of china.