What are the limitations of use in QuickBooks?

What are the limitations of use in QuickBooks Online?

For leap from April 18 to 2019, these uses will be applicable to the Simplified QBO simple start, plus, compulsory, and advanced plans. Your project will have the highest number of characters, position of the accounting entries, the location and the user.

What you should do?

Great news! You do not have to do anything at this time. You can use your current plan & data as usual. The unique difference is that you will unable to manually add something beyond their threshold. e.g., when you are at the maximum of your plan for billable users, that time, you should remove the user or update to another plan before adding a new user.

Why do we need to add the limits?

The QuickBooks goal is to ensure that your product meets your needs. Usage limitations help ensure that as soon as your business develops, you are using the version of QB, in which you have all the tools you need to make deep penetrations, save time and become more prolific.

How to know, and what if when anyone is over a limit?

When anyone uses the QBO plus & have classes plus locations, their limit is forty. When you have forty-five, then you are allowed to use them. But you will not able to add the new class and location unless you decrease the count thirty-nine or up to date your QB online advanced. The identical is valid for users – when you are over the limit of the version, those QuickBooks users can continue to use the plan. If you want to add more users, you have to upgrade.

You can check below or above the limit with some different ways:

  • You need to click on either the chart of accounts, locations, plus classes page.
  • With filters according to the Name field, choose the drop-down.
  • Select count toward limits option.

Banner of limit indicator

If you are in the chart of any account, category, or place page, an indicator banner at the upper corner of the page will show you whether you are less than your threshold.

Limitation usage of dashboard

The limitation usage of the dashboard will let you know how many products do you have for every usage limit. Follow some steps for opening the dashboard:

  • Log in to QB online & choose the gear icon.
  • Then click on the Account & settings.
  • Choose the usage tab.

How to get the below limits?

  • You need to manage locations plus classes. When you use the classes for tracking project, then you are allowed to use the project features alternatively.
  • Generate the account inactive for the chart of accounts.
  • You see here distinct users you may set up for accessing in books.

Do you know third party applications can advance for adding to the chart of accounts over the usage limit? But you will unable to manually add the chart of account, location, and classes ahead of the usage limit & you need to update to QBO advanced or reduce list in these fields. With this, you can get more information from the Intuit accredited team via QuickBooks Support Phone Number. The support team will provide you all the required information related to your query.


If you want to know about the usage limit in QuickBooks Online, then you will get whole information about the usage limit. With this, you will know what you need to do or why you should add limits?